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Hearing Testing & Hearing Aids

Alexandria Lee, CCC-A, Doctor Of Audiology

Our primary focus is on delivering expert care and support for your hearing needs.

Living with hearing difficulties can be isolating and challenging at times. We understand that navigating the array of available options can be overwhelming for individuals seeking improved hearing. As committed professionals with a profound mission to enhance your hearing quality, we possess the expertise required to discover the optimal solution tailored to your unique needs. Our commitment to staying abreast of cutting-edge technologies ensures that we can offer a diverse array of solutions, such as advanced hearing amplification devices, surgical interventions, assistive devices, and more.


Hearing Diagnostic Testing & Hearing Aids

Dr. Alexandria Lee, CCC-A, Doctor of Audiology

An audiogram is a hearing test which will precisely determine your pattern and degree of hearing loss. It will also help clarify how to program a hearing aid if needed. 

There are multiple parts of a hearing test. First, tones will by played similar to piano notes from a keyboard, from low to high pitch. Next, a bone oscillator will be placed against the bone behind the ear and this tests hearing of tones that travel through the bone directly to the cochlea. This will tell us if your hearing loss is related to nerve loss (sensorineural hearing loss), or if it is related to poor conduction of sound through the eardrum and middle ear (conductive hearing loss). We may then test understanding of words and sentences through headphones and a tympanogram will check the health of the eardrum and middle ear pressure.

Hearing Aids

​Dr. Lee believes that hearing aids should not only fit your pattern and degree of hearing loss but also your lifestyle. 

Dr. Lee will take great care to adjust how your hearing aids feel, how they function, and how they sound. While many big box retailers are most interested in cutting costs and associated services, we know that the quality, professional service can directly impact the effectiveness of your hearing aids. Most of our patients are successful hearing aid users, telling us the hearing aids are comfortable and beneficial to their hearing after two weeks of wear. On the other hand, many patients without the support of skilled provider are left with devices they may never use due to low effectiveness. Our job is to maximize the function of your hearing aids and minimize any discomfort or hassle with wearing them.

Surgeons During Operation


Dr. Seth Rosenberg

Experience, Precision, Results


Cochlear Implants,
Mastoid & Middle Ear Surgery

Dr. Seth Rosenberg, MD, FACS

With over three decades of experience and having conducted hundreds of these procedures, Dr. Rosenberg is undoubtedly the foremost expert in Western North Carolina when it comes to this specific procedure. Our state-of-the-art device provides a lifeline for individuals who have found limited benefit from conventional hearing aids. Don't hesitate to schedule a consultation to learn more about this groundbreaking solution or explore additional information on the Cochlear website.

Hearing test showing ear of young woman with sound waves simulation technology_edited.jpg


Earlens uses a small lens placed directly on the eardrum to stimulate hearing through vibration and activation of the normal ear sound conduction processes.  By sending information directly to the eardrum without the use of a speaker, the sound transmission is unique and provides rich, natural sound and a wider range of frequencies.


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