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Hearing Aids

We offer the latest digital technology available in hearing aid devices. The most advanced hearing aids now offer major breakthroughs to amplify and process sound so that you can hear more naturally. By shaping sound in the amplification process, your brain "hears" it as well as your ears. There is less delay to processing sound, the sound is more comfortable, speech is preserved better, and it helps you focus on what is important to you. 

We will provide the best recommendation for you based on your hearing test, style preferences, cosmetic appearance, manual dexterity, and we try to fit your budget.


Todays new technology and miniaturization allows hearing aid devices to come in many sizes and shapes to fit your style and comfort.

Image by Thom Holmes


Enjoy everyday convenience of listening to music, watching television, video chatting, and more with today's hearing devices.  New hearing aids may allow easy and direct wireless access to TVs and certain cellular phones and tablet computers. 

Introducing Phonak Audeo Paradise

Experience Paradise: The world's first hearing device with motion sensor, speech enhancement, tap control, and universal Bluetooth.

Phonak Audeo Paradise offers:

  • Crystal-clear natural sound

  • Unmatched sound quality

  • Personalized noise cancellation

  • Seamless smartphone, TV, and more connectivity

  • Intuitive Tap Control for easy Bluetooth access

  • Enhanced smart apps

With a robust rechargeable battery and all-in-one device convenience, Phonak Audeo Paradise lets you rediscover the beauty of sound.

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